Master Healer Program with Tiffany Carole January 12th – 15th

Tiffany Carole / ​Healer * Teacher * Leader

Profound training created for you; World Changer, Culture Creator, Master Healer

At Mount Eden Retreat on January 12th – 15th


  • Discover, uncover and ‘re-member’ your deepest soul Medicine
  • Learn how to ‘see’ and release trauma locked within individuals, families and communities
  • Understand the 4 keys to transforming trauma and shock within the context of the 5 Element paradigm
  • Learn how to most powerfully harness and gently move emotional and mental energy in order to fuel transmutation
  • Discover and hone your own leadership gifts and ‘voice’Open, practice and refine your intuitive and extra-sensory abilities
  • Operate multi-dimensionally with your diagnostic abilities 
  • Go seriously deep with your knowledge and experience of Essential Oils and other energetic allies
  • Open to your most potent, latent healing abilities and ‘super powers’
  • Understand the energetic dynamics of the primary schisms in consciousness: Life/Death, Mind/Body, Persona/Shadow and Love/Sex