Yoga Immersion/Teacher Training with Romy Toussaint – July 1 – 8 & August 5 – 12

  Ignite! Inspire! Create!
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Yoga Immersion Training

    Romy’s comprehensive 200-hr Yoga Immersion will allow you to acquire the knowledge and tools to inspire your future students with the same passion for yoga that brought you to this point on your yoga path. Built from a foundation on ancient yoga philosophy and on conscious teaching and leading, this certification program is for those individuals who have the desire to challenge themselves to take the next step. You will have the opportunity to focus on form, action, and alignment as well as practice teaching while making real transformative changes for yourself, your family, and your greater community.

This deep, comprehensive teacher training program is for you to evolve and claim your desire to to show up as your best self. Together we will dig deep into the 8-limb path of yoga and use it’s jewels to shine a light within; uncover our personas and stories; unite our body, mind and spirit; rouse our courage to be fully present in the moment, conscious, awake, flexible and compassionate. Breath by breath, step-by-step.


Module 1 is open to any committed student of yoga who wishes to deepen their knowledge of yoga history and philosophy, grow in self-awareness through conscious leadership training, and elevate their personal practice.

Module 2 will continue the work from module 1, but will also provide critical instruction for successful teaching of yoga to diverse populations.


Upon completion of the full 200-hour program (Modules 1 & 2) students will fulfill the requirements for Yoga Alliance Certification (RYT-200).–